Are You a Stakeholder?

Stakeholders are people, groups, or organizations who have an interest in a topic. We are giving you the chance to voice your opinion and your views on diabetes self-management. What are your biggest concerns? Where do you need help improving your diabetes? How can you help us be a strong support system for you?

For this project, we have identified 4 major stakeholder groups.

  • Patients (patients with diabetes and their caregivers)
  • Providers (physicians, nurses, etc.)
  • Faith Leaders (priests, pastors, imams, rabbis, etc.)
  • Diabetes Educators

Why Do We Want You Involved?

We want stakeholders to help us develop a research plan centered around the effectiveness of utilizing faith-based organizations for diabetes education.  By involving important stakeholders, such as patients, we can make sure that we are focusing in the important issues and developing effective solutions.

Patients serve a crucial role because they are the ones living diabetes and its complications. Patients and their family members can provide great information on current diabetes management approaches and how well those approaches are implemented.

Providers like primary care physicians, dietitians, and nurses understand the current challenges and benefits and the overall process of treating patients and guiding them to a route of successful diabetes management.

Faith Leaders (e.g. pastors and priests) know their congregation personally and have great experience helping their community improve spiritual aspects of their lives. They can now help their congregation empower themselves physically by learning how to manage their  diabetes.

Diabetes Educators have great experience communicating with diabetes patients interested in managing their diabetes through lifestyle changes. They can work by empowering faith leaders and educating them on tools for positive health adjustments.

Together, all stakeholders are important in implementing innovative ways to improve diabetes management through faith-based organizations.