Goals of Diabetes Education?

Diabetes education helps patients with diabetes learn how to successfully manage their disease and improve their health. Diabetes education focuses on self-management behavior such as healthy eating, physical activity, and proper medication management.  Diabetes education aims to help practice proper diabetes self-management techniques as a lifestyle modification.

Diabetes education is usually prescribed by a primary care doctor who writes a referral for diabetes education, which is sometimes called diabetes self-management training.  Diabetes education programs are found in a variety of places (e.g., hospital outpatient facilities, clinics, and doctor’s offices).

Where Can I Find a Diabetes Education Course?

Your physician or healthcare provider is a great resource for diabetes education.  Not only will they be able to provide basic diabetes management techniques,  they should be able to point you to the nearest available source for diabetes education and/or self-management courses within your network of providers. For alternative or additional resources, please see the following sites:

Find a Recognized Diabetes Education Program in Your Area
Accredited Programs (American Association of Diabetes Educators)