Patients as Stakeholders

The ultimate goal of this research is to improve the quality reliability, and effectiveness of diabetes care for patients.  Patients are the central player to effectively improving diabetes-related concerns.  As such, this research begins with the needs of the patient and ends with innovative patient-centered solutions that improve the outcomes for patients.  In order to do this effectively, we require patient involvement every step of the way. We are actively seeking patients to become part of our research network.

 How are Patients Involved?

Critical patient perspective is necessary in order to design, develop, build, and successfully implement a useful solution.  Patients who join our stakeholder network will be intimately involved in research ideas,  guiding the development of meaningful solutions.

Partnership can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Learn about diabetes education, wellness, and awareness
  • Provide insight on current challenges in diabetes self-management
  • Feedback of how you would like to improve self-management techniques
  • Feedback/critique of research solutions developed
  • Guidance on solution implementation

If you are a patient with type II diabetes who is interested in helping with this research, please Contact Us.