Elderly male patients sits at table to discuss his medical condition with male doctor

Faith-Based Organizations as Stakeholders

Faith-based organizations (FBOs) describe organizations or programs associated with a religious congregation. With a rich concentration of diverse religious groups throughout the state of Texas, faith-based organizations have the opportunity to reach a vast range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

Some FBOs have successfully partnered with health promotion programs to provide preventative health services to at-risk populations with chronic diseases. FBOs have regular access to a captive adult audience of patients and volunteers and they typically have strong community credibility. Therefore, FBOs can play a central role in facilitating diabetes management and improving population health. We want to identify a network of FBOs who are interested in educating their congregants about diabetes and self-management.

How are FBOs Involved?

We want to talk to any FBO interested in this research project. Right now we are targeting FBOs from diverse religious backgrounds (Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, etc.) of varying size (small to large congregations) with diverse patient demographics (income, race, etc.).  FBOs can be located in any geographic area (urban or rural) in Texas.  The only requirement is that you can provide a primary contact from your religious organization who is interested in this research and willing to represent your FBO.

The partnership team will address the issue of diabetes education and wellness and aims to reduce the incidence of diabetes by comparing the awareness, behavior modification, and disease-management of patient populations who receive traditional diabetes education to those patient populations who receive the same information through a FBO.

Partnership can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Diabetes awareness training
  • Wellness education and training
  • Guide the stakeholder network on current FBO involvement in patient health
  • Guide the stakeholder network on future FBO involvement in patient health
  • Feedback/critique of research solutions developed
  • Guidance on solution implementation

If you or your FBO is interested in helping with this research, please Contact Us.